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Advantages of Solar

Countryside solar panels are clean – while generating electricity from sunlight, solar panels produce virtually no pollution, whereas burning fossil fuels releases large quantities of toxic gases into the atmosphere. For the consumer, solar panels can free the individual from reliance on the power grid and the monopolistic energy supplier.

Once you make the initial investment in hardware, you will have free electricity for years to come. Fossil Fuels are limited – Although fossil fuel reserves are expected to run dry within the next century, solar power is clean, abundant, and will remain a renewable resource that can meet all of Earth’s energy needs for billions of years to come.


Capacity from 1 KW – 10 Kw.

Extra Charges for 


John Adamovics

Countryside Solar is great company and easy to talk to . Would recommend everyone 👌 to go for Countryside Solar. Installers were great.

Annette Notarangelo

Nick and Kieron were very helpful, reliable and friendly to deal with.
Very happy with the price and thanks to the guys who intalled the system for being friendly and easy going. Highly recommend this company.👍 …

Melissa Davis

Just have to say countryside solar has done amazing job hooking up our solar and it also runs a caravan and our house we never run out of power thanks Wendy and Nick 

Jan McGuiness

Down to Earth, answered all my questions, happy with the service, quick install, made the install easy and stress-free, with Wendy I was relaxed and felt comfortable to buy solar. I am glad I did

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