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Smappee EV Wall

Smappee is a cleantech company based in Belgium that specialises in smart energy management systems for homes and businesses. The company developed the unique Smappee Infinity, an advanced energy monitoring system used to analyse real-time use of electricity, solar power, gas and water. The EV Wall, released early in 2021, includes the Infinity system to offer advanced smart charging modes and scheduled charging options to maximise solar self-consumption.

The Smappee EV Wall is a smart EV charger available in single-phase (7.2kW) or 3-phase (22kW) options and includes three CT meters and a hub to enable energy monitoring, smart solar charging and dynamic load control. The integrated infinity system is expandable with up to 28 circuits and can provide full appliance level data, plus allow users to control their energy flow of excess solar to the EV Wall charger, battery storage, or any smart device to maximise self-sufficiency.

The EV wall system is also interoperable with IoT products, receives over-the-air updates, and can be started and allows for payments via QR code or RFID (card activation).

Zappi V2

The UK made Zappi V2 charger from Myenergi is one of the smartest and most popular EV chargers on the market. It’s a clever device with three different charging modes, eco, eco+ and fast. It can also be set up as a single-phase or 3-phase charger with 1 phase charging rate from 1.4kW to 7kW and 3 phase from 4.1kW to 22kW.

In Eco mode, it will charge your EV using mostly self-generated solar power while minimising the amount of grid power used. In Eco+ mode the Zappi charger will quickly adjust its charge rate to only use your own excess solar generation and will not push any grid power. This means it will pause charging if your household is consuming all the solar generation or the weather is very poor. In Fast mode, the Zappi will charge your vehicle at the maximum rate regardless of solar generation or household consumption. The Zappi is also the only charger that offers wireless CT (energy monitoring) data via the optional Harvi wireless sensor. Note, CTs are extra and are not included with the Harvi unit.