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Selectronic SP PRO 

Best off-grid inverter – 5kW+ power ratings

Sample text. ​The SP PRO inverter-chargers from Selectronic, based in Australia, feature the highest 30-minute power rating and highest peak/surge power rating along with a wide range of control methods including relays and digital inputs and outputs which can be configured for load management or generator control. However, it’s not just hardware that’s impressive, the SP PRO also features possibly the most advanced energy management software in the select the Text Element.

Premium quality comes at a premium price, and the SP PRO inverters are one of the most expensive options available; however, considering the high cost of off-grid systems, paying a little more is well worth it for the power and features needed for a reliable off-grid system. The impressive features and high performance, together with a leading 10-year warranty place the SP PRO at the top of our list.

Selectronic, based in Melbourne, Australia, was founded back in 1964 and has been manufacturing electronics and power conversion equipment for over 50 years. Over this time, the company has evolved to become a world leader in energy storage management systems and recently opened a much larger manufacturing facility to cater for the increasing demand.

To say Selectronic is modest is an understatement, the company manufactures what is arguably the most advanced battery inverter-charger in the world with a relatively small team of designers and engineers. In recent years, Selectronic has grown significantly and now exports to countries around the globe, including Germany, which is known for manufacturing some of the best solar equipment. Part of the reason f